Desserts, puddings and sweet treats

John and the barbarian boys all have quite a sweet tooth and enjoy the occasional treat of biscuits, fudge or cake. John is also mildly obsessed with Brandy snaps. I am decidedly not a fan. They work surprisingly well as a gluten free dessert but are so fiddly to make and take ages. I also don’t like them very much, but I can occasionally be persuaded for high days and holidays to whip up a batch. I would far rather bake a cake, or make ice cream.

I do enjoy planning menus for dinner parties and I do have a book where I keep notes about who visited when and what I fed them. Desserts are an essential part when feeding other people and I have collected a variety of favourite recipes to share with you. Hopefully our dinner parties will soon be in person again and not via zoom.

Cooking For John